Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI)

"Data is the key asset of your organization". The sheer amount and variety of existing and new data generated in the world today are unprecedented. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for organizations to use their data to create Change that Matters. Oculin Tech (BD) Ltd. helps clients identify and capture the most value and meaningful insights from data, and turn them into competitive advantages.

These days, it’s the rare CEO who doesn’t know that businesses must become analytics-driven. Many business leaders have, to their credit, been charging ahead with bold investments in analytics resources and artificial intelligence (AI). Many CEOs have dedicated a lot of their own time to implementing analytics programs, appointed chief analytics officers (CAOs) or chief data officers (CDOs), and hired all sorts of data specialists.

Effective decision-making processes in business are dependent upon high-quality information. That’s a fact in today’s competitive business environment that requires agile access to a data storage warehouse, organized in a manner that will improve business performance, deliver fast, accurate, and relevant data insights. 

BI architecture has emerged to meet those requirements, with data warehousing as the backbone of these processes.

Data warehousing and business intelligence are terms used to describe the process of storing all the company’s data in internal or external databases from various sources with the focus on analysis, and generating actionable insights through online BI tools.

 A solid BI architecture framework consists of:

1. Collection of data (Data sources)

2. Data integration (ETL)

3. Storage of data (DWH/Data mart)

4. Data analysis (Applications and BI tools for (ADHOQ)- analysis

5. Distribution of data (Repotting, Dashboards, Embedding)

6. Reaction based on insights (Data driven decisions) 

Oculin Tech (BD) Ltd. brings the business domain expertise and understand the data pattern. We make sure DWH-BI becomes your single source of information.