Power Energy & Utilities

To thrive amid these challenges, the utility of the future will be a fully digital system. This means that today’s utilities face a digital transformation of their organization and business. This can begin with quick moves to improve efficiency and expand the customer base. As the transformation builds momentum, it should open deeper digital opportunities across a wide field.

The digital utility of the future captures opportunities all along the value chain 

  • Distributed energy resources enabled by big data-driven alignment of supply and demand 
  • Data-driven asset strategies including preventive and condition-based maintenance and predictive outage 
  • Smart grid and smart pipes allow automated controls to improve network resiliency, safety, and efficiency.
  • Customer inter-action governed by analysis of customer journeys, segmentation, and personalized communication 
  • Platform supports distributed energy resources and marketplaces 
  • Back-office automation and data-driven decision making 
  • Field workforces with mobile access to maps, data, work-management tools, and real-time expertise
  • High level of situational awareness to enable energy balancing