We are specialized in data center solutions

Real-time access to secure and reliable data is crucial in today’s competitive global business environment. We provide cloud base, software defined data center solutions. We help customer to keep pace with accelerating business demands for more storage and compute resources to take full advantage of new technologies designed to improve infrastructure performance, scale and economics. 

Our Data center design includes:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security Solution
  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage and Backup Solution
  • Computing Resources
  • Data and Application Migration
  • Communications and Collaboration Services

We are experienced in converged server technologies. We have been providing new server technologies like Oracle Database Appliances (ODA), Oracle Private Cloud Appliances (PCA), Cisco Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Huawei Kunlun Mission Critical Server, Huawei Fusion Cube Hyper Converged Server Technologies.

Enterprise data centers are doing more than ever, from ever-expanding storage management to bandwidth-intensive virtualized and cloud applications. With Oculin Tech infrastructure solutions, your data center is ready for all this and more.

Our data center philosophy

No more building of bigger and more expensive silos of proprietary hardware. What is needed is a complete rethinking of how datacenters are designed and managed. We make it

  • Modular
  • Converge When Possible
  • Software defined
  • Embrace Commodity Hardware Empower End Users
  • Break Down Silos
  • Go Hybrid
  • Focus on Service Continuity