Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Power and electricity

We provide Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for your smart grid ecosystem with integrating software and hardware components, data management, monitoring systems and smart meters. We share best practices and troubleshooting techniques to achieve our goal.            

We provide the core components of AMI system.

Smart Meters

  • One way or limited two-way information system.
  • No real-time information of tampering.
  • Single Channel of token Authentication.
  • Instant vending and no physical visit to meter or vending station for recharge.
  • Remote firmware update/TOD/Tariff change.
  • Integration with present vending system /processes.
  • Prepaid to Postpaid and vice versa at a click.
  • Remote Operations on meters.
  • Industry specific information security system.

Communication Infrastructure

RF Mesh

    • Plug and work, field-replaceable, electrician-free field installation.
    • Tamper Alarms.
    • Scalable push data architecture.
    • Facilitates over-the-air radio firmware and meter firmware upgrades.
    • Prioritizes messages for power outage and restoration notifications.
    • Last Gasp & First breath notifications supported.
    • Real time event notifications.
    • Efficient internal antenna to reduce costs.


    • No need to setup new communication lines by using Power lines.
    • Applicable even where wireless transmission is difficult.
    • Not suitable for wide range coverage due to its low aggregation efficiency to the concentrator.


    • Applying a carrier service is a pre-condition.
    • Applicable area is limited to carrier service area.
    • Terminal for each carrier service is required and communications fees are charged (Continuity of service must be considered).

Communication Gateway

    • Latest Generation Network Equipment.
    • Configurable and Scalable.
    • Environmentally Rugged.
    • Tamper Alarms.
    • Multiple Mounting Options.
    • Battery Backed - 8 hours.
    • GPS.
    • Secure Wi-Fi for Configuration.
    • Linux Processing Module.
    • LTE and Ethernet Backhaul with failover.
    • Acts as fast-lane to gateways for network traffic.
    • Supports from 1000 to 5000 end points (as per variant).

Head End Systems

  • Acquisition of meter data on demand & at user selectable periodicity.
  • Two-way communication with meter/ DCU.
  • Signals for connect & disconnect of switches present in end points like meter.
  • Audit trail and Event & Alarm Logging.
  • Encryption of data for secure communication.
  • Maintain time sync with DCU / meter.
  • Store raw data for defined duration.
  • Handling of Control signals / event messages on priority.
  • Setting of Smart meter configurable parameters.
  • Communication device status and history.

Meter Data Management

  • Gathers consumption data from analog and smart meters.
  • Aggregate's consumption data and calculates billing determinants.
  • Validates, edits, and estimates (VEE) meter data automatically or manually.
  • Stores both raw data and the results of all operations.
  • Works with any utilities Meter Data Analytics.
  • Facilitates new customer offerings and programs.

Smart Grid Gateway

  • Distribution networks that can both “deliver” and “exchange” energy.
  • More engaged and empowered consumers.
  • Modernized energy infrastructure with Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) integration.

Customer Portal

  • Create a customer profile.
  • View energy use details.
  • Access statements and past payments.
  • Pay bills with variant channels.
  • Make changes to service.
  • Contact a customer service representative.