IT Security Audit and Training

We do the security audit for organizations to test and assess their overall security posture, including cybersecurity. 

We help customer to:

  • Verify that your current security strategy is adequate or not
  • Assess the effectiveness of current controls and defenses and recommend improvements
  • Triage, track and treat gaps and threats in your current approach
  • Check that your security training efforts are moving the needle from one audit to the next
  • Security audits uncover vulnerabilities introduced into your organization by new technology or processes
  • Assess your current program and develop a roadmap to mature your security initiatives
  • Customize specific risk evaluation approach to match your culture and risk appetite
  • Prove the organization is compliant with regulations – HIPAA, SHIELD, CCPA, GDPR, etc. PCI DSS Compliance: SOX Compliance

IT Security Audit Checklist

Types of security Audit

One-time assessment: One-time assessments are security audits that you perform for ad-hoc or special circumstances and triggers in your operation.

Tollgate assessment: Tollgate assessments are security audits with a binary outcome. It’s a go or no-go audit to determine a new process or procedure can be introduced into your environment. You aren’t determining risk as much as looking for showstoppers that will prevent you from moving forward.

Portfolio assessment: Portfolio security audits are periodical annual, bi-annual, or regularly scheduled audit. Use these audits to verify that your security processes and procedures are being followed and that they are adequate for the current business climate and needs.

IT Security Training: We help to develop skillset on security 

  1. Cyber security training
  2. Security Penetration testing training
  3. Web Defense training
  4. Network Defense training
  5. Digital forensics training