Oculin Tech (BD) is the pioneer Information Technology company registered in Bangladesh. Oculin Tech helps organizations from project initiation through execution and capability building. Our experienced team work hand-in-hand with you to ensure quick ramp ups, on-time delivery, and sustainable change. We deliver end to end industry solutions for power and utility, FSI, Public sector, Media & Communications and Manufacturing. We aim to bring value for the customer. Our core philosophy- adhere to the highest professional standards, improve our clients' performance significantly, and create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people.


We help you generate the energy, speed, and direction your organization needs to break free from the forces holding you back. When we work with clients to create sustained improvement through a transformation, we apply a process that we call an execution assessment. We follow the turnkey approach to measure their capabilities against the essential best practices that will drive a successful transformation. We believe in consultative approach with the customer at the beginning of a transformation, when we’re conducting an independent diligence review of the entire enterprise, we interview individuals throughout the organization, observe operations, and survey people close to the transformation This allows us from day one to start a conversation about what they need to do to make sure their transformation has a sustained impact.


We provide end to end IT solutions- System Integration, IT Governance, Security and compliance audit and AI based advance analytics.