Cloud, Data Lake & Advance Analytics

Cloud Computing refers to the computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and other over the Internet (“the cloud”). It offers faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Cloud Computing has the flexibility of offering “pay per use” feature that enables business houses to pay only for services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change.

The success of cloud journey always depends selecting the right partner to enable your cloud services. Oculintech aims to bring the expertise for transition of your cloud journey from on premise to cloud.

Big data and Data Lakes have been technological buzzwords for the past 7-8 years. And enough and more evidence suggest that its adoption has been an enormous success. Everyday business generates enormous amount of date, and data monetization is the key objective of the organization. Data lake works as one-stop-shop of all your data – whether it’s structured, or unstructured that doesn’t matter. Simply put, you could store data in as is without worrying about the structuring part or running different kinds of analytics on them. It ensures the  access of all level of employees to the data asset. This is called data democratization.
Oculintech ensure no data is untouched by the customer and  client get best outcome of their data.