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We provide consultancy services of the highest quality in the areas of governance of corporation, information technology and information security and ERP. We conduct information security risk assessments and IT audits. Through our services (details of which are provided below), we will help you improve you service quality, protect your environment and sensitive information, build and maintain world-class management systems, and assist you in getting ISO certified.

We can conduct penetration testing and vulnerability assessment in local and global organizations and evaluate technical security measures on various global mission critical systems running on mainframes, mid-range computers, personal computers and mobile devices.

ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 are the International Standard for an IT Service Management System (ITSMS) and Information Security Management System (ISMS). PCI DSS is the data security standard put forward by Payment Card Industry for compliance by credit card merchants. Implementing world-class certifications in the organization and get it certified are definitely a competitive advantage. We provide this ISO Management System and PCI DSS Certification Consultancy services to ensure a smooth development, implementation, and certification of ISO 20000 / ISO 27001 / PCI DSS in your organization. This service guides you through all project stages starting from project planning, gap analysis, scoping, risk assessment, policies & procedures development, control selection & implementation, precertification auditing until successful accreditation.

With ever-changing intrusion techniques and business & regulatory requirements, your systems may be operating under a false sense of security if the security status is not evaluated regularly. We conduct effective security audits that examine all the critical components and set up the perimeter security, the internal network security, the operating systems security, application security, and the operational controls. Above all, we also review the overall security management policies and practices.

Proper installation and implementation of your firewalls, intrusion detection / prevention system, and other security measures are the keys to protect your organization’s assets from security threats. While there are many products that can help, they can only be effective when they are part of a carefully planned process. We offer high quality assessment of your proposed data network, Internet and intranet architectures for potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

People are the heart of effective security deployment and no enterprise can implement its security processes and systems without training its people. We provide learning services in areas like governance of corporation, information technology and information security. We are strongly committed to delivering quality services and the latest subject knowledge. We constantly tailor our services, develop new courses and update our course materials so as to meet your learning, working and certification needs.

04_Design-and-ImplementationIT GOVERNANCE AUDIT
We can skillfully evaluate the internal controls over IT functions and activities at organizational, managerial, planning, and operational levels, benchmark it against the international IT governance standard COBIT (Control Objectives for Information Related Technology from the IT Governance Institute), and recommend improvement initiatives, so as to achieve efficient and effective IT functions that meet business needs.

Security policies not only demonstrate an enterprise management’s commitment toward information security, but also lay down the framework for subsequent security enforcement. We can analyze your security requirements, and establish effective policies, standards and management architecture principles to guide your organizational security decisions. Besides, we help implement your policies and standards, define formal security processes and design specific secure solutions/ configurations on firewall, intrusion detection/prevention system, operating system, and application system levels.

04_Design-and-ImplementationPENETRATION TESTING
By using the latest tools and techniques, we simulate controlled physical or logical attacks and provide a snapshot of an organization’s security posture. Through a 4-phase testing process: passive reconnaissance, active scanning, controlled penetration, and controlled vulnerability exploitation, we validate the effectiveness of security safeguards and controls currently in place, demonstrate the existing risks to an organization’s networks, systems and web applications, and provide detailed remediation steps that can be taken to prevent future exploitation.

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